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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 15, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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students ready for a big strike and day of action on campus. they may be getting support from occupy oakland. i'll have reaction in a live report. >> and a warning for runners and walkers on a popular south bay trail as police continue searching for the man they say girl. the interview that has a lot accused pedophile jerry sandusky speaking out. >> taking a live look outside on the beautiful bay bridge. this is "today in the bay."
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>> good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is 6:00 right now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. christina loren is here to tell us about the weather. >> at the end of the week, we have ski boarders pulling up. clear in mountain view. a nice day today. another dry day tomorrow. then the rain arrives late thursday. we'll time the system out for you and talk snow coming up. let's look out to the roads. it's a tuesday. heavy volume of traffic
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building. then the 30s past north livermore avenue and into the 40s in the dublin interchange. getting crowded here. a little different flow from the north. >> better be patient out there. >> i appreciate it, mike. the time is 6:01. actually 6:02. in berkeley, more occupy protests are being planned this morning. but this time it's on the uc berkeley campus. they plan to take part in the cal demonstration today. good morning, christi. >> good morning to you. >> we talk around campus this morning. there are already a handful of students here in front of the hall. they don't have tents. they're not sleeping. they already have the campus steperred with signs. with we shot video of the steps to the hall this morning where some teach-ins are planned later this morning.
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instructors may try to link arms and shut down the administration building later this morning. they've got a march planned at 2:00. they may try to reestablish the tents that police tore down last week. students tried to set up their own occupy cal encampment here. now the chancellor is calling for an investigation into police tactics, and there will be amnesty for some of the students that were arrested. the oakland encampment was raided yesterday. and while they decide what to do next, some are saying they will support cal. one student told me this morning he's pleased with that. >> i figured i shouldn't be in jail. at least for today. occupy oakland has announced they will show solidarity with us and come by. i think occupy san francisco will do the same. you know, local struggles have particular focus. we're all connected. larger this year. >> now again, the city of
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oakland tore down more than 100 tents at frank ogawa campus yesterday. students say they'll have a general assembly meeting before deciding whether or not they will reestablish or try to reestablish tents here at the cal campus. one place they won't be going is to the regions meeting in san francisco. that was canceled dough to potential violence from outside agitators. folks are very excited. they expect hundreds if not thousands of people to come here today. it is 6:04. last night deputy mayor sharon cornu decided to leave. the move came after her chief legal adviser resigned yesterday morning. this less than a week after consultant nay than bower left.
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he said he resigned because he disagreed with forcing them from encampment for the second time. she says her resignation has nothing to do with the occupy raid. she felt ineffective in her role. on the east coast, occupy wall street protesters out of a new york city park this morning. but they'll be allowed to go back in. police cleared zucotti park. they first told everybody to leave so the park could be cleaned. most left on their own. police arrested about 70 people, including a group that chained themselves together. ty steling protesters hay can return to the park once it's cleane cleaned. >> police are on the lookout for a suspect two tried to kidnap a girl from a popular trail. marla tellez is live with more. good morning, marla. >> laura, good morning. what is so disturbing about this
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attempted abduction is, one, it happened in broad daylight. and two, it happened right here on lark avenue at one of entrances to the wildly popular los gatos creek trail. this is a haven for runners and walkers. it was about 4:15 sunday afternoon when the man drove up to the 17-year-old girl as she was walking on lark avenue. asked if she wanted a ride. when she said no, he got out of his car, grabbed her and tried picking her up. she was able to fight him off by punching him in the face and the groin. we have a suspect description this morning. police say he's a hispanic man, about 45 years old. 5'6" with a slim build and slicked back black hair. he was wearing dirty blue jeans splattered with paint. his car, possiblily a mid-1980s
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volkswagen jetta. the girl told police it was covered with several splotches of dark blue or black paint. essentially patch work for some rusty spots on that car. now if you've seen this car, or if you know anything about this attempted abduction, call police. live this morning, i'm marla tellez. >> frightening for so many people who use the trail. >> time to check back with in with christina loren to check outside for us. >> good morning to you. we're chilly in the north bay. we have 50s out there. might not need a jacket in oakland this morning. 52 there. 51 in san francisco. 49 in san mateo. throughout the morning we are expecting more of the fog to develop. but the thickest fog as per usual is the through the agricultural areas of the north bay. wine country watch out for thick pockets until 9:00 a.m.
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high pressure is moving in for two more days. today and tomorrow is looking really good. we'll see patchy fog making way to sunshine each afternoon. mid to upper 60s inland. low to mid 60s at the coast. sunny today and tomorrow and then everything changes into thursday. 63 for san francisco. you'll hit 65 in okay town. 67 in san jose. rain arrives late thursday in the north bay. a lot of rain is on the way for friday. then saturday, snow level issaling the 2,500 feet. i'll sort that out for you. i have the seven-day outlook ready to go. let's check your drive on a tuesday.ting crowded out there. highway 4 westbound. not as bad as we typically see on a tuesday. speeds in the 50s this the area i circled approaching "l" street. 54 has been gradually slowing little by little every 15 minutes or so we see it tick
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down. we're watching that. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. there's construction for highway 1 at carson street. not causing a problem for the flow on the freeway. and live look at oakland will show you that the chopper is just further south. this is just above the 92 interchange. traffic heading southbound with the headlights very smooth drive with the volume picking up here and at the oakland side of the toll plaza, a live look to see how the volume is picking up here as well. no metering lights. those should be ten minutes over there. east shore freeway is slowing. >> enjoy it. >> it is 6:09 now. still to come on "today in the bay." the exclusive interview with >> i shouldn't have showered with those kids. >> much more from this interview on that subject coming up. and the fbi is looking into how some santa clara university
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students grades went from fs to a's. and we have this reminder. our facebook page today in the bay's facebook page goes away at the end of the week. still find the latest news, traffic and weather along with good conversation on facebook. ♪
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against the shower wald jerry sandusky says he's innocent of charges he sexually abused young boys. sandusky said he made mistakes but he's not a pedophile. >> i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts.
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i have hugged them. i have touched their leg. without intent of sexual contact. >> he seemed to fluster sandusky >> are you a pedophile? >> are you sexually attracted to to underage boys? underage boys? >> sexually attracted? i love to be around them. attracted to young boys. >> you can hear from sandusky's show" at 7:00 a.m. we'll have the full interview on investigators say more potential victims are coming forward. "the new york times" reporting that close to 10 additional
6:14 am
victims contacted authorities after the arrest on november 5th. one of the witnesses acheers to be changing your story. he said he saw sandusky sod mizing a young boy in 2002. mcqueary testified he left the room, told his father what he saw, and then approached head coach joe paterno. now he reports mcqueary e-mailed former teammates and said the following m he said i did the right thing. you know me. the truth is not tout there fully. i didn't turn and run. i made sure it stopped. i had to make quick, tough decisions. he's still employed but on administrative leaves. >> let's talk about the forecast. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> well, it's not that.
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that's the great news. we have sunshine for you. the rain moves in late week. this is the rain that snowboarders and skiers are waiting for. opening day at many ski resorts will be friday and all the way through next wednesday we'll see more and more open up. we'll see north star open up on wednesday. 38 in santa rosa. 37 in novato. 57 in san francisco. as we head throughout the morning hours, it's going to stay cool. you need something to take off later on. dress in layers today. and we have fog leftover. it's starting to clear out. we've been through the worst of it. clear skies over the bay area with the sunshine coming in early through the koe and inland cities we will see uniform temperatures. upper 60s inland. then late thursday, friday and
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saturday, cold showers arrive. we have a really cold system on the way. slated to potentially bring us up to half an inch of rain over late thursday into saturday. even in places like san jose. we could see three kwearpts of an inch in san jose. today looks good. 66 in los gatos. the next weathermaker will kick up gusty winds as of thursday. i think the greater bay area will stay dry on thursday. maybe a few showers developing in the north bay. as we head through friday, a complete washout is in the forecast. we could deal with the bulk of the moisture gurg the heart of the morning rush. mike and i will track that for you. take a look at what this means for ski resorts. november 18th is opening day. then next wednesday we see sugar bowl open. lows in the 20s. highs in the 50s. snow is on the way.
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>> looking over here to south baybay overall looks great. 17, the bottom of your screen, no problems to or from the santa cruz. northbound routes all showing you close to the speed limit or cheating the speed limit. be very careful out there. 101 and 280 at the limit along the peninsula. construction crews have cleared. no construction for highway 84 or 92 over the water. a smooth flow of traffic there as well. oakland northbound, a nice steady flow of traffic past the coliseum. both directions, 15 minutes
6:18 am
between the toll plaza. starting to get more crowded. no lights just yet, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a cheating scandal hit santa clara university. someone hacked into the school's computer systems and changed transcripts and altered grades. serious accusations here. >> yes. and the campus has taken this seriously. they realized somebody was tampering with the economic records when one of the students, a former student this past august noticed that something wasn't right with the transcripts. one of her grades wasn't what she remembered. it had been changed for the better. it have school discovered someone hacked the computer system and changed the grades. not only of hers, but more than 60 students. all the changes in the positive direction.
6:19 am
some were minor from a "b" to a b-plus. others were from an "f" to an "ark." >> the university called in the fbi to assist them in their investigation. with changes being made to grades as far baz ak twik. in response the school tells us it has increased computer security and is reviewing thousands of records going back ten years. even though someone was able to change the grade, it is not official. the school points out it does take a lot to authorize a grade change. you have to have review, an audit, and a signature. commercial crab season is under way. it looks like san francisco votes will not be heading out.
6:20 am
they cannot come to an gream about the price for crab. fishermen want $2.50 per point. the processers are looking to pay $1 butternut 75. fishermen plan to stay docked until a deal can be made. other fishermen from areas like central coast will go out as planned. walnut creek will open after the short delay. the malfunction kept it from opening on friday. it's even larger this year and covered with a tent for the first time. but come to downtown san jose on ice next monday. jon kelley and myself will be there. >> we're going to witness your triple axle. coming up in time for the holidays higher gas prices. why they could be climbing again very soon.
6:21 am
we hagetrantrge orsty. we'll take a look at it coming up.
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get ready to pay more for gas in the bay area.
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prices jumped 20% since last october. right now the national average is around $3.69. if the trend continues lit climb above $4 by the start of the new year. the new greek prime minister presented his outline of his policies to lawmakers yesterday. it was the only choice. he was sworn in last week it was created to secure the approval of the massive new bailout idea. scott nk grew, who would have thought? >> who would have thought? i suspect that our viewer who is
6:25 am
are too young to remember his fight he may be better known as the ex-husband of padma, the host of top chef." he got into a spat with facebook, the social networking site not quite sure who he is either. someone shut down his account because his first name is not really solomon. that's the only way he would be allowed to have a facebook account. he started complaining on twitter. he said it's like forcing j. edgar hoover to become john hoover. in the end facebook relented and salma rushdie is back. how about the ceo says trying to rename the company was a mistake. so few people know it's an
6:26 am
internet suffix. most people type in measuring. that's not a website. this is the third major company to admit mistakes. then netflix and this whole mess. at least they can admit it. >> big company to do that. >> thanks so much. it's 6:26. still to come on "today in the bay". occupy oakland protesters are moving to berkeley. find out what they hope to achieve there next in a live report. and police say a man tried to grab a teenage girl from a south bay trail. what they are looking for and who they're looking for now coming up. and if you're just joining us this morning, we have thick fog developing out there. we'll show you where it's the most dense and more importantly we'll talk about the sunshine and warmth we'll get today. and then the rain moves in. and i have an accident in concord to tell you about. i'll show you the slowi hun c ois area. your chut isthn is t ouesday
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the search continues for a man police say tried kidnapping a 17-year-old girl in broad daylight. new this morning, students at occupy cal planning a big strike and gay of action on campus. i'm christie smith. i'll have the story in a live report. occupy oakland is costing that city a lot of money. we'll add up the bills coming up. >> and a live look, wow. i'm not sure where that it is, but it is spectacular. i i just want to soak that in for a while. this is "today in the bay".
6:30 am
>> gorgeous look over the bay this morningful sush sun is coming up. it's 6:29 right now. >> that was low cloud cover. flying above the low clouds. we have dense fog at the surface in the north bay. lisz than a quarter mile of visibility. we'll tell you when the rain showers arrive in the forecast. first let's get you out of the door with mike inouye. >> focus because we have an accident in concord the reports say no injuries. just the slow lane blocked. i'll show you a wider vud. there's general slowing.
6:31 am
>> this morning the south bay needs to be ok the lookout for a man who tried to kidnap a teenage girl from a popular trail. good morning, marla. >> jon, good morning. we are standing directly above the trail, you speak of. it is the los gatos creek trail on lark avenue. this is where police say the girl was walking when she was almost kidnapped. now i just spoke to a who lived right next door. he says he moved his family here, his wife and two kids because the area is deemed so safe. it happened sunday afternoon. the 17-year-old girl was approach bid a man in his car. he asked if she wanted a ride. he didn't take her no for an answer. he got out of the car and tried
6:32 am
picking her up. she fought him off and ran away. police have been looking for him ever since. he's a hispanic man, 45 years old. 5'6" with a slim build and slicked back black hair. he was wearing dirty blue yeaje splattered with paint. he was driving a small, dark brown hatchback or sedan. possiblily a mid 1980s vw jet that with tinted rear windows. now police have sent out alert fliers. parents, students and staff have been informed. if you have any information about the attempted abduction, call the police. live this morning, i'm marla tellez. jon? >> thank you very much, marla.
6:33 am
milbray city leaders are set to vote on the future of the police force. the move would save more than $1 million a year. another option to maintain the current police force. some people living in milbray are concerned outsourcing would lead to fewer officers patrolling the streets. >> from ogawa plaza to sprowl plaza. the occupy movement has moved to berkeley. evicted occupy protesters will join educate oeducators, studen community leaders in a protest. >> good morning, laura. we talk a walk around. there ra a handful of students here. they're not camping. they're sitting.
6:34 am
they're upset with budget cuts and tu wig hikes that price most people out of the uc system. today they say there will be marches and rallies going on throughout the day. now chancellor called for a review after officers drew criticism. students arrested will get amnesty. one student said he would like to try to get the camp set up again. >> in no way a repetition of a foolish act or willing movement into conflict. the whole point is that that should not generate police crackdown. >> now, of course t city of oakland raided the encampment at frank ogawa plaza yesterday
6:35 am
morning. more than 100 tents came down. while demonstrators there decide what to do next in oakland, they're expected to come here to uc berkeley by noon today in large numbers. reporting live at uc berkeley, i'm christie smith. back to you. >> we'll continue to follow that throughout the day. thank you, christi. meantime, a community group will stage an occupy protest in san jose today. members of the alliance for california's for community empowerment along with union members and the woman's neighbors will occupy the bank at noon. they want the bank to give the woman a load modification. she is now facing foreclosure. it will be at the wells fargo bank on story and king road. finding a place to light up could be tougher in alameda. the city will hold the entire vote on anti-smoking measure trikter than the current state
6:36 am
laws. lightinging up would be prohibited on sidewalks, outdoor restaurants and prohibit hibts in parked. now settling in over the bay bridge this morning. it's not that thick at the surface just yet. throughout the next few hours we'll see a lot of improvement. by 9:00 a.m. this morning, expecting most mostically keer conditions over the entire bay area. good morning to you. we have reduced visibility in the north bay in particular. still dealing with dense patches of fog through novato u. give yourself plenty of time. as we head throughout the afternoon, your temperatures will jump up to the 40s and a couple of 30s into the mid 60s
6:37 am
all the way through the inland cities. throughout the afternoon, same for tomorrow. then everything starts to change. a really potent winter storm arrives. showers come boo the mix. the coldest day of the week. really comfortable afternoon. right on track with our seasonal averages in terms of daytime highs. a lot of ski resorts opening up on friday. they'll get fresh powder. we'll talk about rainfall accumulations coming up. first let's check your drive with mike. >> we'll take you to the chopper. they've arrived at the accident southbound 680 at concord avenue. cars over on the roof. fully overturned blocking one lane as you're approaching
6:38 am
concord avenue. that's great news that no one is hurt. but your commute slows. then we're looking at slowing through pittsburgh at bay point. livermore, a typical build is 22 for the travel times. speeds down delow 10. the congestion is really hitting here. we'll wednesday a live shot at the san mateo bridge. a smooth drive. slowing expected in a few minutes. visibility is a bit of an issue there. our current gun regulations to blame for shootings like the one that injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the debate begins on capitol hill today. we'll have a live report from washington next. sure, pulling the mold, mildew, and grime from
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up for question, whether they are to blame for mass shootings, like the one in tucson that killed six people and injured gabrielle giffords. tracie potts is live with the loopholes some say need to be filled. good morning, tracey. >> good morning, everyone.
6:42 am
the woman who tackled him to the ground will be testify lg with other survivors. within of them is whether or not information about the mentally ill is being fed into the national system from states like california. so everyone can share the information with gun sales and california. there are some states. 10 that we know for sure feeding absolutely no information into the system. so that's something they'll talk to congress about. along with the fact you still don't need a background check to get a gun at a gun show. 30% of illegal firearms have some connection to sales at gun shows. hen you have one or more gun offenses in a state, they want states to share the information. in terms of california, the brady campaign says the state has the strongest gun laws in
6:43 am
the nation. jon? >> tracie potts, thank you very much. 6:42 now. coming up, bills for occupy oakland are piling up. find out how much it is costing the city.
6:44 am
6:45 am
welcome back, everyone. it's 6:45. time to check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we have fog out there this morning that we're really watching. let's take it live and show you the picture over san francisco. stay in bed. you don't need to get up yet. we have a quarter mile still in
6:46 am
novato. and pockets of fog in santa rosa and napa. take it easy this morning. temperatures are running cooler at 38 in santa rosa. 43 in concord. san jose, 46 degrees. good morning in san francisco. you're at 50. as we head throughout the afternoon, high pressure will move in for one more day there is rain on the way tuesday into wednesday ch patchy fog inland. low to mid 50s. sunshine each and every afternoon. highs work out like this. 66 in san francisco. 65 degrees from fremont. by the day's end tomorrow, the ridge starts to break down as an area of low pressure arrives. this will dramatically change the pressure. saturday morning a cold blast will arrive. gusty winds furn very cold and widespread rain anywhere between a quarter of an inch to half an
6:47 am
inch the places in the north bay. the system is driving in a lot of moisture. 58 degrees is your sierra nevada forecast. a lot of ski resorts are planning on opening. they will open with fresh powder. expect maybe two feet in elevations above 5 thourk feet. periods of rain on friday and saturday. u right now let's get you to work on time with mike. >> going to be tougher because we have slowing for the south bay. kickoff starts right about here. we showed you the earlier slowing through livermore.
6:48 am
westbound direction. that's helping things to back up just south of the interchange in towards the sunol area. we have a lane blocked over there. southbound to 680 at concord avenue. let's check in with the chopper. they were looking at the progress. we have the tow truck trying to get this car onto this flat bed. we have two lanes at the offramp blocked in. that stretches down 214 in the area. that's your backup here. wel show you the toll plaza in just a moment. back to you guys. thank you very much. something like out of f ferris bueller, a computer hacked to change grades. it's caught the tension of the fbi. bob redell is live at santa clara university where the alleged hack took place. >> the university is taking this
6:49 am
very seriously. they realized someone was tamperring with the academic records when a student noticed one of her grades wasn't what she remembered. it had been changed if for better. upon further inspection the school discovered someone hacked the computer system and not only changed her grades, but changed the grades of more than 60 other students. all the change miss the positive direction. >> all the grade changes were in the favorable direction to a better grade. some of them more minor, from maybe a b to b plus. others were significant from an "f" to an "a". >> reporter: so the fbi is now assisting the campus in their investigation. it is believed the hacking took place between june of 2010 and july of this year with changes being made to grades as far baz ak 2006.
6:50 am
the school increased computer security and is reviewing thousands of records going back ten years. as of yet, no suspects. even though someone was able to change the grade in the computer system, it's by no means official. santa clara university points out it takes a lot to authorize a grade change. you need three things. an audit, a review and a signature. lau laura? >> thank you, bob. the woman accused of stealing belongings from a popular game show host will attend a court hearing today. she faces burglary and possession of stolen property. she's accused of robbing alex trebek and his wife. the lawyer says she was at the hotel working as a prostitute, and not as a thief. under the state's three strikes law she could spend life in prison. >> this is a beautiful story we love updating. previously conjoined sisters for san jose could go home by the end of the week.
6:51 am
doctors say angelina and anjelica are off pain peds and have healthy appetites. at this point they need to learn to walk on their own and straight forward instead of sideways, as they always had done when they were conjoined. >> 6:51 now. in berkeley more occupy protests are being planned this morning. christie smith is live in berkeley where many plan to take part in the cal demonstration today. >> good morning to you. a strike. a big day of action. a handful of students are already here. not camping. just sitting overnight.
6:52 am
they're calling it a big convergence where the numbers of people on campus are expected to swell. students plan a rally, a march. they tell me instructors will link arms and try to shut down the administration building some time this morning. students say it prices most people out of the uc system. the students say that they'll decide today whether to try to reestablish their encampment after police broke it up last week. the chance lor calling for a review of police tactics. most students arrest willed get amnesty. while oakland occupiers decide what to do next after the city busted up their encampment at frank ogawa plaza, it looks like they'll be taking their show on the road for now and coming here to uc berkeley. i'm christie smith. jon and laura,back to you. >> meantime the occupy movement is costing the cash-strapped city of oakland millions of
6:53 am
dollars. the city spent $2.4 million since october 10th. that doesn't include what the city paid yesterday to get outside law enforcement to clear out the camp. >> police have put up barriers near the occupy sf camp. protesters told the examiner police are trying to cage us like animals. the carp is also dealing with an outbreak of parvo virus that's affecting dogs it can be deadly. >> santa clara is taking another step to take the 49ers south. city leaders expected to vote to approve $10 million in tax funds to do work on the proposed site. critics say for the stadium
6:54 am
never gets built the city is wasting money on unnecessary prep work. santa clara will borrow most of the $10 million from the 49ers. also at tonight's meeting a special order of business to talk about when the venturescan take place. coming up next, "today" goes in depth on the penn state scandal. here's more on the interview that has everybody talking. >> jon and laura, good morning. coming up on a tuesday morning, an exclusive interview with jerry sandusky, the former assistant coach accused of molesting young boys. what about the allegations against him? is he a pedophile, and what really happened when he was caught in the shower with a young boy? you're going to hear jerry sandusky answer those questions in his own words. also herman cain takes a long pause when he was asked about president obama's libya policy. is it a damaging blow to his
6:55 am
presidential dreams? then we catch up with a servicewoman who brought justin timberlake as her guest to the marine corps ball. >> thank you, ann. it's 6:54. parts of the southern california streets are slowly crumbling away this morning. utility crews are working to try to fence off the unstable section of road. the city says the area could be deadly to onlooker who is get too close. so far no homes or buildings are threatened. medical marijuana is legal in 16 states, including here in california. one southern california chef wants to take it to a new level with his creation of pot wine. cannabis chef created a pot-infused wine, name ed tree
6:56 am
green wine. he doesn't serve or sell it to anybody, which is illegal in california unless the people drinking it have medical marijuana cards. two patients who have never tried pot wine, they seemed to like it. >> can you smell that? that's a nice aroma. >> cheers. wonderful northern california marijuana. >> i would love to have this at a dinner party. >> it's not nearly as strong of a marijuana taste i was expecting. >> the chef enjoys teaching other patients how to cook with pot. he has his own cooking dvds and recipes have been published on magazines. >> wow. let's check the numbers on wall street rchlt they high or low? >> this is a stock pot about this big. the dow industrials are down or up, rather, 20 points.
6:57 am
s actually a chinese company getting killed by chinese solar prices. pictures from outside of the new york stock exchange on wall street as the occupy movement returns there. they just got a court order saying they can come back with their tent. they're looking at it to see if it's authentic and what it means legally. this is not over. this is the original occupy wall street on a street called wall. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:57 now. i want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you. we'll see a couple of dry days before the rain returns. patchy a.m. fog. low to mid 60s. 63 in san francisco for you
6:58 am
today. 67 in san jose and oak town, about 65 comfortable degrees. your high temperatures usually register between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. the rain arrives late thursday into friday. miami and i will be here to guide you through the commute. let's check your drive one more time with mike inouye. >> there as promised is the bay bridge toll plaza. i want to reassure you there was a backup there. we will look at the live shot from the chopper showing you backup approaching the scene southbound 680 at concord avenue. there is the flat bed tow truck and they are now pulling the overturned vehicle up onto it. now chopper will look somewhere else because it's not a big deal. but that's a beautiful sunset. that's so nice. there's a slow drive from highway 4 to concord avenue. back to you guys. >> he's blinding them a little
6:59 am
bit there. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be back at 7:25 for a local news update. >> marla tellez will be back at 11:00 to tell you about the the stuff you tell them about earlier in the day. but on a bigger, broader spectrum. the sun has me going crazy. and i liked your comment about the herb chef.


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